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Physician-formulated & tested* BLt™ was formulated by a physician & herbalist as a stand-alone or adjunctive support for vector-related issues. Combining science & technical botanical learnings with a powerful phospholipid delivery system, BLt™ provides the practitioner balanced support with optimal absorption and patient response.

Suggested use

Starting dose for adults 1x/day 3-5 drops in water.Gradually increase dose every 2 days up to 3x40drops/day.Patients are advised to take a 3day break every 4-8weeks.


Ceanothus   Americanus (Red Root) / Smilax (Sarsaparilla) /Lomatium Dissectum /   Eupatorium Perfolatum (Boneset) / Dipsacus (Teasel) / Stillengia Sylvatica /   Juglans Nigra (Black Walnut hulls)

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